Ring Sizing

How to find your ring size:

Ideally, a ring fits your finger best when it is impossible to slip off during a sudden move, and at the same time can slide over your knuckle with a little effort. Our fingers, as the rest of our body, change and swift sizes organically. When heated they get bigger. Also, in the morning they are usually bigger than in the evening. Temperature, fatigue and activity are all factors that affect your finger size. It is best to check your ring size 3 or 4 times during a day. 

*useful tip* If your finger is between two sizes, go for the smaller one.

If you are looking for a surprise gift/proposal ring:

Best chances? Borrow one of your loved one’s rings and follow the instructions on our size guide. The simpler the ring you choose, the closer to its true size. It is also best to avoid using bold rings (they are usually a size bigger), so go for a thin one. In any case, remember - we can easily change the ring size even after construction!

You can find our Ring Size Chart HERE.