Other Gems


One of the most wide colour spectres is met in Tourmaline crystals, that range from green to blue, yellow and pink hues, often gradiently mixed in the same crystal. A popular example is the “Watermelon Tourmaline” consisting of a gradient of green, pale yellow and vivid pink hues.


An ever-lasting symbol of elegance and luxury; pearls, throughout the years, have never lost their glow. They are famous for their iridescent lustre and their shimmery colours. Their quality factors consist of the sharpness of their lustre, the quality of their surface, their shape, size, and the thickness of their nacre. Another factor is the colour. While the most popular colour is white, other natural pearl colours are pink, yellow and black. They can also be found in various other hues of pink, yellow, green, blue and grey.

All pearls are organic and should therefore be treated with caution. They are susceptible to even weak acids that exist in cosmetic products, and contact with substances that can affect their surface lustre should be avoided. It is also best to avoid blows and hits when wearing them.

 White opaque Pearl and round shaped Diamonds