Making up your mind

Whether you are looking for the perfect jewellery for yourself or for a loved one, there are some basic steps that can guide you make the right choice more easily.

For us at PRIGIPO RENDEZVOUS, the ideal way is to pay a visit to our flagship store. In doing so, we can have a look at every design together, and address any questions you may have, right then and there. However, in case that this is not possible, we can always guide you remotely, starting with these simple questions:

What is your budget? While searching for the perfect jewellery you might get puzzled by the vast amount of designs, precious stones, gems and combinations. If you provide us with a price range, we can always propose a selection of designs to start from.

What are the designs that best suit your style? Classic and timeless, unique and peculiar, minimal, romantic, or extravagant? The perfect jewel is the one that can accompany you always, and suit your unique style and personality.

What will the final specifications of your jewellery be? The metal and the gemstone best combined? Do they fit your budget and suit your style at the same time? One glance at our ESSENTIAL TIPS section, and you can find the information you need about our materials that can help you make your choice. 

You can find our Ring Size Chart HERE.