About us

For us jewellery is the piece of yourself that you hold on to when you are outside in the world to remind you of your true self. Rendezvous mission is to create the piece of jewellery that reminds you of the most important thing of all. Love.

We know that the choice of jewellery for that special moment needs time, thought and attention to detail. We are certain that it need to reflect you and your love story. There is no couple that is alike! We train every day to deliver to you that piece of jewellery that you will never stop loving.

Every piece of jewellery we create is handcrafted in our workshop in Athens. We work with attention and care so that we can be certain that every time, regardless of your budget, your jewellery will have the best possible quality and we can guarantee that it will last you a lifetime. Exactly like your love story!



Kalomira Papageorgiou has been designing jewellery since she was 14 years old with only one purpose - the ascension of the soul. She needed to try her luck at the Agricultural University of Athens, the University of Piraeus and AKTO until finally she opened the doors of Prigipo. From then on, she has not stopped designing jewellery, growing along her team and keeping close to her heart what brought her here – big ideas and the people that bring them to life.